Welcome Back

Hello Folks!

It’s so frustrating to have to start afresh on the blog.

I ignored all of the warning signs from Azure Security Center (Azure Defender) about my site. And i paid dearly for it. The site is secured now and all security protocols are enabled to fortify it from abuse and take over just like what happened the last time.

I am not afraid to start afresh, i will be sure to share all my learning with you all. Expect more interesting posts from me just like we had it before.

Jide Jimoh

My name is Jide Jimoh. I am a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. I love to share knowledge because that is proven to be the best way to learn. I am focusing on Microsoft technologies, especially cloud, security and datacenter solutions based on Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack Hub and Windows Server. I am born in the cloud. Opinions are entirely my own.

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